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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Team Anna invites netas for Lokpal debate

New Delhi: Team Anna today invited leaders of all parties to Jantar Mantar on December 11, when Anna Hazare plans to sit on a day-long fast, to put their views on Lokpal Bill, a deviation from its stand on previous occasions when it did not allow politicians to share its platform.

"December 11th, Jantar Mantar debate with no adjournments on Lokpal. Come, listen, ask questions and clarify doubts. Political representatives are invited to speak," activist Kiran Bedi tweeted.

A Team Anna spokesperson said formal invites are being sent to parties.

Hazare will be sitting on a day-long protest demanding a strong Lokpal Bill.

In the past, Hazare had said that he will not invite any politicians to his fast. He had said they can come and sit with protesters but cannot share dais or make speeches.


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