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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to retrieve black money stashed abroad? Baba Ramdev reveals

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev holds no grudges against Anna Hazare and will continue to support the anti-corruption crusader.

Speaking at an interaction in Bangalore on Monday, Ramdev said the decision to introduce FDI is a means to distract the common man. “FDI is simply a diversionary tactic. If the government is not corrupt, then why hesitate to introduce a strong anti-corruption law?” he said, adding that this argument could be used with regard to bringing back black money too.

“We have been talking to various parties and parliamentarians about the issue of black money. A majority of them have agreed to support us, at least orally,” he said. “We will soon begin taking written assurances from them. I will personally visit politicians from the Congress party,” he said.

He added that considering the response he has received from politicians, he is confident that a majority of legislators would support him.

“In that case, the Centre will have to take a decision on whether to work towards bringing back black money. If they don’t do something, they will fall. Either way, it will be good for us,” he said.

An immediate change in the system of governance and a strong Jan Lokpal is the first step to fight corruption, he said. Ramdev also added that while a lot of parties and politicians are discussing black money, nobody had offered any solutions.

“All MPs and MLAs should file a declaration of their assets and an FIR should be filed against those who have stashed money abroad, according to the Prevention of Corruption and Money Laundering Act. Beneficial ownerships need to be declared and finally, investigate all politicians, officials and businessmen who travel abroad.”

Ramdev has also promised that if the government does not take immediate action to fight corruption, bring back black money and stabilise the economy, there will be large scale-protests across the country.


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