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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sandalwood’s very own Anna Hazare

He is known for attempting something unique in each of his films - be it his clothes, dialogues, titles, posters or screenplays.

And now, Real Star Upendra has another ace up his sleeve. In his upcoming film Aarakshaka, Upendra has penned an entire song as a tirade against corruption. In the track, which is titled Thoo Nan Makla and sung by Kailash Kher, the actor mocks politicians and the aam janta for indulging in corrupt practices.

"While I always try to relay a message through my films, I was glad that there was a situation in Aarakshaka that demanded a song of this kind. I play a cop in the film, but even before I officially become one, I behave like a cop and start helping people in their quest for justice. That is where we have inserted this number," reveals the actor. Uppi says that the track was inspired by his role model Anna Hazare. "I've asked people to take inspiration from this 70-year-old man who has taken up this challenge, while we have just been mute spectators all this while," he explains.

But this isn't the first time that Uppi has aired his views on corruption. Uppi has made fun of politicians and bigwigs for their unethical ways even in his previous flicks like Super and Raktha Kanneeru. "I'm aware of my responsibilities and know that I have a platform from where I can mould public opinion. Besides, I also practise what I preach. During the Anna Hazare movement, I met former Lokayukta judge Santosh Hegde and pledged my support against corruption and discussed various ways to curb it," says Uppi.


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