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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Anna Hazare wronged by his own comrades: A reader’s view

I totally disagree with the ingenious educated people who support Anna Hazare movement without realizing the motive behind it. First his team members claimed it was an apolitical movement and fight against corruption beyond political parties initially, and gradually turning to a substitute of a political movement having overtones of political ambitions. May be the lieutenants of Annaji, the Bedi’s, Bhushans, Kejriwals etc etc who never even raised a single voice against corruption in their respective departments which is loaded full of corruption and bribery during their service to the concerned departments have suddenly became the warriors and fighters against this malice, using him a crowd pulling tool due to his honesty, sincerity and his past struggles in Maharashtra for fulfilling their own ambitions.

I have great respect to Annaji for bringing this issue to the centre stage, also at the same time the method or pathway he follows now will be his downslide to the reputation he gathered across the globe.

The department of police and IT are the worst departments in India involving corruption and bribery on day to day basis where Ms. Bedi and Kejriwal were a part of it. They never raised a voice or taken action against their subordinates when they were in service. It is a cruel joke, now that they realized corruption in all sectors after getting their voluntary retirement service. Now they blame all (cong) politicians for this. People should be wise to act and choose the right people to fight corruption.

I am even surprised by some people of our society who are the followers of demigods like Khans, Bachans, kanths, khusboos etc who have erected temples for them and pouring milk on their posters. They do it due to their illetracy, and these educated class who are not able to realize the truth behind the actions carried away in the name of corruption for political mileage. Who are the most stupid, whether the illiterates or the so called followers of the warriors?


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