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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rich tributes paid to Jayaprakash Narayan

BANGALORE: Anna Hazare’s struggle is a clear indication that youth today wants change. If change is to be brought about, then it has to be accompanied with values, for which we have to turn back to Jayaprakash Narayan (JP), a renowned Socialist, said former minister PGR Sindhia.

Speaking at a function organised at Gandhi Bhavan to mark the 109th birth anniversary of JP on Tuesday, he said, “There is a difference in Gandhi’s thought process (I am in search of truth) and Hazare’s thought process (I am Anna) but in order to bring about total revolution (social, economic, political and educational) we have to adopt JP’s ideals.

He was a person who had struggled for 45 years to bring about social change in the nation.” He further expressed his concern that society is now forgetting JP’s thoughts.

He said, “JP is a person who equals Nelson Mandela and Mao Zedong. But, today the values initiated by JP are echoed on stage and are hardly put into practice.”

Recalling the immense contribution made by JP, former vice chancellor of Tumkur University O Ananta Ramaiah said, “We can hope for a total social, economic and political reform by following JP’s values.”
Former editor of a Kannada daily, Sailesh Chandra Gupta, president of Karnataka Gandhi Bhavan Dr H O Srinivasaiah and secretary of Karnataka Gandhi Bhavan HR Dasegowda participated in the function.


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