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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lokpal bill generates political odyssey

Congress loyalists are working overtime to restore the charisma of young scion Rahul gandhi which lay in tatters in the wake of Anna Hazare's mass movement on Lokpal.Party is in great haste to make him acceptable to the people before the calender hits 2014.

Anna, PM ,Khurshid and now Kiran Bedi. Actors one after other are jumping in the ring to have final say on Lok Pal bill. Prime Minister assured Anna Hazare of strong Lok Pal but Anna remains unfazed. He harps on passing the bill in winter session first.

Khurshid, out of some compulsion emanating from intraparty squabbling perhaps, says that media has distorted his statement. He claims that he merely expanded the idea mooted by Rahul Gandhi.

Team Anna meanwhile remains unimpressed by Congress bid to hijack the issue and lay glory at the door of Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi.

Questioning Government's move to make the Lokpal a Constitutional authority, Team Anna on Wednesday said it was a tactic to delay or avoid its passage and "fool" the people.
"If government is serious on Lokpal, it should first pass the bill by winter session. Constitutional status is a sure means to delay or avoid the passage of the bill," activist Kiran Bedi said.

What looks certain is the fact that Lok Pal is going to be reality for India. Delaying or stalling it would amount to political suicide. BJP learnt it sooner than Congress.

If you can not fight an enemy better join him, says the adage. Congress is practically trying to do the same. Denying the huge support to Anna Hazare by the people in the beginning, Congress later began to wreck its mind as to how to jump at the bandwagon of Lok Pal.

Acceptance of Rahul Gandhi to the top post by the people is pointed obsession for the loyalists. The grand idea of robbing the Jan Lokpal  bill plank to its fold is the latest maneuver.

But Anna team proves to be the spoilsports as it remains unfazed by belated interest shown by Congress and smell some rat in the game. Be it so, but the ultimate gainer is people of India  and who laughs at the bank is Anna Hazare.


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