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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Is Anna Hazare Bollywood's marketing weapon?

New Delhi: Bollywood stars, on an aggressive promotional spree, seem to have jumped on to the bandwagon of veteran social activist Anna Hazare who has a considerable following among the youths of India.

On Wednesday actor Shah Rukh Khan, who was recently in the national capital to promote his film Don 2, said he supported the anti-corruption movement launched by Hazare. This is not the first time that Hazare has attracted stars to his popular campaign.

Khan said every aspect of the cause should be looked at seriously. "I think we all support the cause. I think there should be no corruption in the country. I think this whole aspect is becoming so large and so big and there are so many aspects of it that we need to look at it seriously, quietly, step-backedly. We just can't keep saying we support anti-corruption," said Khan.

Actor Kabir Bedi and her star father Kabir Bedi were seen at the Ramlila Maidan protest ground in New Delhi during Hazare's fast to force the government into drafting a stronger Ombudsman bill.
Ramlila Maidan and Hazare drew a star campaigner in August this year when actor Aamir Khan arrived with '3 Idiots' filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani in a crisp white shirt and was welcomed on stage with a thundering applause.

Khan said, "I am here to meet Annaji and give him a hug for the initiative he has taken."
Bollywood till now has only given a passive support to the Jan Lokpal issue. From tweets to participating in pro-Anna rallies in Mumbai, the Anna movement was yet to rub shoulders with the 'heroes'.

"The Bill won't be passed in a day or two. It requires a lot of discussion and debate in Parliament," Aamir said at that time. His presence on the stage raised a lot of eyebrows ahead of the release of his actor nephew Imran Khan’s film 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' in September. Khan had also been promoting Delhi Belly, another Imran starrer that was released in July.

Thousands of protestors were in for a treat as Aamir gave a speech and even entertained the spectators by singing. Director Rajkumar Hirani also spoke at the stage and asserted the need for Anna Hazare, 74, to remain healthy.

Hazare's campaign has attracted a lot of high profile campaigners.
Bollywood stars seem to have realised that Hazare’s new-found popularity among the youths is an assured way to reach out to their target audience


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