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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hazare to fast tomorrow

RALEGAN SIDDHI, 10 DEC: Ahead of his day-long fast for a strong Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare today launched a vitriolic attack on the government, charging that it was “intoxicated” by power and said the “second fight for independence” has started which will go on till corruption is eradicated.

Before leaving for Delhi where he will hold the fast tomorrow, Mr Hazare said: “So many martyrs lost their lives for our independence but even today we cannot experience independence. Who got independent. What independence. Corruption, loot is still here. Only 'goras' left and 'kalas' came in, that is the only difference.”
“So the second fight for independence has started, it is a long fight, till corruption gets eradicated, it will go on. Many people will have to get to jail again, be lathi-charged, some will have to sacrifice, that time is here now. Till we sacrifice, we won't get the right independence,” Mr Hazare told reporters here.

Keenly observed by government and people, the activist will sit at Jantar Mantar, the protest hotspot in the National Capital, the whole day along with his supporters demanding a strong anti-corruption law.

Hitting out at the government, Mr Hazare said: “This government is intoxicated by power and money. It cannot see anything else. They have forgotten the sacrifices by the likes of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru."

“It is our job to get them into their senses. This in only a day-long agitation, after 27 December, it will be a long agitation. Today that you all are here, I am energised,” he said.

This will be Mr Hazare's second protest at Jantar Mantar on the issue, the first being the hugely successful five-day fast from 5 April which forced the government to set up a joint committee of government and activists to draft Lokpal Bill. Team Anna and police expect a large turn-out at the venue and adequate police personnel are being deployed at the spot.


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