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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Banking on Rahul to bring changes in Lokpal draft: Anna

Ralegan Siddhi/ Pune: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Saturday expressed dissatisfaction with the current provision of the Lokpal Bill. In an exclusive interview with STAR News, the social activist alleged that even though the standing committee had taken the decision to bring Group C and Group D employees under the Lokpal’s ambit, it was reversed the next day. He also suspected Rahul Gandhi to be behind those changes but added that he was hopeful that if Rahul wished, changes could still be made in the standing committee’s draft on the Lokpal Bill. Anna said Rahul Gandhi had an untarnished image and must continue to remain unblemished. However, he believed he was not fit for becoming Prime Minister at the moment and must work much harder before aspiring for the post.

According to the social activist, the current draft of the Lokpal Bill was weak and would not deliver justice to the people. Anna said the Prime Minister seemed to have given him the false assurance that even Group C and Group D employees would be under the Lokpal. Bringing them under the CVC was not sufficient because it was controlled by the government. According to him it was imperative to bring these tiers of bureaucracy under the ambit of the Lokpal so as to ensure justice for the common man. Anna threatened to launch another agitation if the government did not formulate a strong Lokpal.


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