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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hazare targets Sharad Pawar

New Delhi, Dec 6  After courting controversy for his comments on Sharad Pawar being slapped by a youth, Anna Hazare today fired a fresh salvo, saying the Agriculture minister has an "old habit of protecting corrupt people". In his blog, Hazare alleged that Pawar turned a blind eye to a number of corruption cases. "If an inquiry is ordered, it will become clear who has been responsible. This shows that Sharad Pawar has an old habit of protecting corrupt people," he said. Hazare said many politicians felt very bad and got angry about the slapping incident on November 24. A youth, who has since been arrested, had slapped Pawar as he was coming out of a function here. "But it is important to discuss as to why did that youth slap. Today, corruption is rising day-by-day. This corruption has made it difficult for the ordinary people to live. So much inflation is due to corruption only. "It is increasingly becoming difficult for people to run their families. When the limit to patience ends, then some people take law in their own hands and commit such acts," he said. "He got slapped! Only one slap?" This was Hazare's first reaction to group of journalists on the slapping incident. In his blog, the Gandhian admitted that he "committed violence" when he reacted that way to the incident but went on to add that for the betterment of society, "I do not consider this violence as wrong." Accusing Pawar of "keeping the company of corrupt people", he said the NCP chief had supported his party leader and relative Padamsingh Patil who was facing corruption charges.


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