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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Advani says he’s on same track with Anna, but feels country’s legal system is adequate

Pune, Nov 4 : Stating that even though he supported veteran activist Anna Hazare’s fight for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader LK Advani on Friday said that he did not think that the country’s legal system lacked laws to fight graft.

“I do not believe that corruption in the country is because of inadequacy of laws. I do not subscribe to this view basically,” Advani told the media here.

“Despite what is said, that the Lokpal Bill is not there, how many ministers have gone to jail for the first time? I do not subscribe to this view, though I have always said, even to my colleagues, that Anna Hazare has focused on the Jan Lokpal Bill, it is fine, because it is a campaign against corruption,” he added.

Advani further said that his party’s focus in the ensuing Winter Session of Parliament would be on inflation, corruption and black money.

“The focus of the winter session would be on this issue of black money, apart from wanting to know how the government is bringing relief to the common man, particularly the poor, who are very badly affected by food inflation,” he added.

He further said that they would also like to know what measures are being taken by the government to effectively curb the rising food inflation, the brunt of which is being borne by the poor.

Asserting that high food inflation was causing agony to the poor, he hoped that most of the opposition parties will also support them in Parliament.

Earlier, Advani has said the Congress-led UPA government has disgraced the democratic structure of the country.

Advani said: “In the last 15 years India’s name was started to be taken respectfully around the world. It was being said that India could not sustain democracy as it didn”t have literate people. But India proved them wrong and sustained the largest democracy in the world. People used to say, that India is a vibrant, vigorous democracy. But now in these days, our democracy has been disgraced by this government”dvani also said that the Congress party and the government is no less responsible for the corruption cases that have come to the light recently.You can’t try to make one of your alliance partners as scapegoat for all the corruption that is going on in the government because in most cases the Congress party and the government as a whole is no less responsible then any of the alliance partners. I have no sympathy for any alliance partner. I have no sympathy for anyone who indulges in corruption,” he added.


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