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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Will respond if Lokpal violates Constitution

PUNE: Founder-leader of the Dalit Panther organisation Namdeo Dhasal said on Friday that his organisation would "respond strongly" if social crusader Anna Hazare's ongoing fight for a strong Lokpal Bill violated the Constitutional framework.

He added that he was ready to hold a debate with Hazare over the Lokpal issue.

Speaking at a seminar organised by the Dalit Panther in the city, Dhasal said, "Getting the Lokpal Bill passed in the parliament will not resolve the issue of corruption.

"One should note that the caste system in our country is still not abolished, even though there is a law to abolish it. Then how can a law eradicate corruption from the country?"

Dhasal also said that the Ralegan Siddhi would witness strong agitations if Hazare's movement broke the constitutional framework.


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