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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Anna supporters slam Diggy's statement

LUCKNOW: Anna Hazare might be observing a 'maun vrat' (vow of silence), but his supporters slammed Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh for making alleged 'defamatory propaganda' against anti-graft crusader.

"Singh is trying to prove that the RSS is behind Anna's anti-corruption movement. He has produced a RSS functionary's letter in support of his allegations. But, is he having any proof to show that Anna asked RSS for support," said Ishita Singh, a student. She also said that Singh accused Anna of observing maun vrat to avoid uncomfortable questions on Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa, who is in jail on charges of corruption. But, Singh forgot that Team Anna member Justice Santosh Hegde, former Karnataka Lokayukta, is responsible for Yeddyurappa condition.

Blaming a section of the media, Arif Siddiqui, a teacher, said, "A section of media is prominently showing the statements of RSS leaders on supporting Anna's movement, but has played down the report on Muslims in Lucknow praying for Anna's success in the last Friday prayer before Eid," he said.

"Interestingly, Singh has also contradicted his own statements. He says that 20% of the people in the Ramlila ground, where Anna observed fast, were RSS members. This means that 80% people were from other background. Hence Anna has support of all sections of the society," he added.

Shailendra Pandey, a research scholar, said Singh has accused Anna of playing in the hands of communal forces. "Delhi Police, which is under the Centre killed two terrorists in 2008 Batla House encounter. Mohan Chandra Sharma, a police officer, killed in the encounter, was honoured with Ashok Chakra by the UPA government. But Singh says that encounter was fake. Either Singh is right or the government. It raises doubts that the government is appeasing Hindus through encounters and Singh is playing politics with Muslims by declaring it fake," he said.

Social activist Manjul Upadhayaya said, "Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal's suspicion is correct that attack on another Team member Prashant Bhushan on his 'plebiscite in Kashmir' remark was a conspiracy of people who have been hit by anti-graft campaign. Bhushan only reiterated what India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru said in 1947. Attack on Bhushan took place three weeks after issuing statement. Kejriwal has been threatened. Protests are being held outside his house accusing him of not declaring record of public donation received for campaign."

Jagriti Singh a housewife, said, "Anna fought against corruption in Maharashtra both under BJP and Congress regimes. But Singh accuses Anna of saying nothing against BJP. Also, Singh has said that Anna has done nothing about corruption in UP. My question to Singh is why CBI, which is under the Centre government, has not taken action against UP chief minister Mayawati and former chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav on charges of corruption." She also alleged that the Congress-led UPA government has been misusing CBI to arm twist political rivals.

Bina Shukla, a private executive, was of the view that UP chief minister Mayawati is better than Congress. She has taken action against six ministers after their names figured in corruption and were indicted by the Lokayukta. Even if it is a posturing, at least Maya has done something, whereas Delhi chief minister did nothing against the ministers indicted by Lokayukta. According to Anshumali Sharma, a Team Anna member in Lucknow, Rahul Gandhi is reaching out to Anna, which shows that Congress is afraid of anti-corruption movement, which led to embarrassing defeat of its candidate in by-elections across the country.


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