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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Anna Hazare Invokes The Power Of Silence

New Delhi: Social activist Anna Hazare began his week-long ‘Maun Vrat’ (vow of silence) on Monday at his native village of Ralegan Siddi for ‘athma shanti’ (peace of soul). Hazare’s close aide Datta Awari said , “The 74 year old Gandhian will stay in a ‘kuti’ (hut) during his Maun Vrat.”

After ending his 12 day fast for Lokpal Bill, Hazare has been continuously interacting with people, which Awari says, has put lot of strain on him.

Ahead of his ‘Maun Vrat’ Hazare said that, he was encouraged by the Prime Minister’s latest letter to him promising to resolve the Lokpal issue. He said, “If the government brings a strong Lokpal and keeps its other promises, why should I oppose the them. In fact, we will work with them.” Hazare hopes to see a strong Lokpal Bill in the winter session of the Parliament and expects the government to keep its word on other reforms.

Meanwhile, he dismissed rampant rumors about a rift in his team. He said that they will stand united and negative publicity will not affect them. In his latest blogpost,  he expressed, “Nothing will affect out integrity-neither the negative publicity doing rounds about Team Anna nor the factors trying to create a rift in our team. Team Anna will stand united and strive hard for the effective implementation of Jan Lok Pal Bill.”


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