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Monday, 5 September 2011

Hazare conscience keeper

BANGALORE: Anna Hazare is the conscience keeper of the people of this country, opined Jnanapeet award recipient Dr U R Ananthamurthy. He was speaking after releasing at his residence the Kannada book Viswa Kanda Dwitheeya Gandhi Anna Hazare written by Girish Jakapure and published by Abhinava.

“Body may rot after death. But the country starts rotting if its people become corrupt. Anna Hazare has saved thiscountry from rotting. He has emerged as the conscience keeper of this country after Gandhiji, Nehru, Ambedkar and Jayaprakash Narayan. Anna Hazare reminded the people that the morality is important for the survival of the country,” he felt.

Objecting to calling Anna Hazare as the second Gandhi of the country he said then people start comparing Hazare with the Mahatma. “Hazare is not as intelligent as the Mahatma. But still people like him because of his simplicity, commitment and courage. Everyone is ready to live. But a few say confidently even while on fast unto death that they would survive and win. Gandhiji, even while on fast unto death, had that courage to say he would win. Hazare also has he similar courage to live and win,” he added.

Referring to the comment that the Anna Hazare's mass movement is supported by only a section of the society Dr Ananthamurthy said in any movement people from all sections would participate.

Some stand at the front and others support from the back, he pointed out. He suspected that the television channels might have also played a role by projecting only one section of the society as supporters.

He appreciated the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for responding to the Anna's movement. Publisher Ravikumar, writer P Chandrika,

writer of the book Girish Jakapure and others had participated in the programme.


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