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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mass protest increases spirit of patriotism in students

MANGALORE: A day after the mass protest carried out by students of nearly 100 colleges in the city, the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and an urge to join the agitation against corruption, was paramount in minds of young generation in campus. Students unanimously said youth power should support septuagenarian like Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption.

Students of St Aloysius College, who were also part of the mass protest held on Wednesday, found more time to discuss politics and anti-graft movement of Anna Hazare in classrooms, corridors and at the canteen. Inspired by the anti-graft movement launched by Anna Hazare, students declared that they are ready to march again for the cause. It is common that students respond less to politics, but the Anna Hazare movement has indeed instilled in students an urge to change themselves.

Sushmitha Kirodian, a second year student of Master in Communication and Media Studies (MCMS), said: "Younger generation should lead the protest. The entire nation has come forward to extend support to the cause of Anna Hazare, but it is unfortunate that the government is not moved by the movement. Youths need to raise their voice to support veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare," she added.

Similar is the view of many other students in the campus, who assert that the nation can be free from corruption only if young generation think of politics and nation. Nafila Shareefa, a final year BA Journalism student in the college, feels that even protests against corruption are also being hijacked by politicians. Nothing is going change unless young generation join hands to fight corruption, she said.

Abhishek, another student of MCMS in the college, said students should back Anna Hazare.

"The government should understand a fact that septuagenarian Anna Hazare will not be benefited in anyway if his demands were fulfilled. The Jan Lokpal Bill, which Anna Hazare demands, will benefit only future generation. Hence, it is our responsibility to lead the protest," he asserted.


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