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Friday, 19 August 2011

‘Jan Lok Pal Express' to roll into Mumbai today

India Against Corruption volunteers will board a local train from Borilivi station

The ‘Jan Lok Pal Express' will roll into Mumbai on Saturday — in it, Anna Hazare supporters will spread the word on the Bill among the city's train commuters.

Volunteers of India Against Corruption (IAC) will board the 10.57 a.m. Churchgate-bound local train from suburban Borilivi station. “We will be using the public announcement system [for spreading awareness on the movement]. The motormen have allowed us 20-minute slots to speak about the Jan Lok Pal,” said campaign coordinator Mayank Gandhi.

The supporters have also planned a 1-lakh march on Sunday, along the lines of the recent million man march at the Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

A group of physically challenged people belonging to the Disabled Sports Federation (DSF) have also jumped into the fray. Disability was no deterrent to four sportspersons from the Federation, three of whom were on crutches, to come from faraway suburbs. Prakash Nadar, from the Federation, said the DSF was planning a rally on Sunday at the Azad Maidan. “There is a Ministry for us and special funds, but when do they ever reach us? If corruption ends, perhaps we will get what is due to us. I had met Anna when he came to the August Kranti Maidan. I told him about my activities and work. He told me: ‘you are not disabled; it's the others who are disabled.' I liked that,” he said.

Another physically challenged person Ramesh Sartape said: “Anna's cause is right. He did the right thing by releasing himself and not walking out when the government released him. This cause is very important.”


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