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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Foreigners taken in by enthusiasm on Hazare protest

The massive support shown by Puneites to the movement to support the veteran anti-graft activist, Anna Hazare, have both pleased and amazed Yann Gelister, an Englishman.

On an internship to study micro-finance in Pune, Gelister was seen taking pictures of the ongoing protests at the pandal erected at the Rani Jhansi Chowk. An ardent fan of Hazare, he had been following his movement for a strong Lokpal Bill for the last three months.

“It’s very important that in a democracy we are allowed to protest,” he felt. The spontaneous protests have, however, made Gelister a little sad for his country and Europe.

“In India, people are taking the fight against corruption quite seriously. Although many countries in Europe have huge issues of corruption, I do not see anyone coming out on the streets to fight for it,” he said.

Students from other countries studying in Pune walked with their classmates to Rani Jhansi Chowk to support Anna Hazare.

Stating the reason for participating in the campaign, Oana Bors, who studies sociology at the University of Pune said, “Corruption is a problem the world over. Therefore I wished to be part of this enthusiastic campaign in India.”

She was accompanied by students from Austria, France and Romania as well. Carlo B from France said, “We are with India in their crusade against corruption.”


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