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Friday, 19 August 2011

Anna is being blackmailed into fasting

I feel that Anna hazare is being black mailed and his arm twisted to fast. There's an ulterior motive to make Anna fast and the person behind this is Arvind Kejriwal. It's really sad that an old man like Anna who is so clean and pure at heart is being used for some one else’s benefit. I stand by Anna, but am not so sure that his fasting is going to be a solution to the corruption in the country.
 To give benefit of doubt to the government, they have been showing signs of wanting to curb this monster of corruption. They put Kalmadi behind bars and took action against him. Also our economy is in a much better shape than the other countries. Even though there are clouds of recession looming over us again, India is in a position to combat it and even sustain the current growth. 
My view is that why just corruption? There’s so much of poverty and the issue of rising prices and basic commodities in the country. Why not tackle that? I don’t want to sit with Anna and fast because I feel that the biggest issue in the country is the farmers committing suicide, the villagers not being able to afford a basic two course meal. Rather than increasing the prices of vegetables and basic stuff, they should hike the rates of expensive items that are not necessary like accessories and cars and other things.
I feel that Arvind Kejriwal is the real face and Anna is just the mask. He’s using some one like Anna to give this whole revolution a political shift. My question to Kiran Bedi who is also part of this protest is that, if you were in the police force and in office would you take part in the agitation or would you follow the orders of the government. I have many questions to ask.
It is sad that a honest and sincere man like Anna is being used as a bait for other people and their selfish motives.


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