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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Anna Hazare, team to meet in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Veteran social activist Anna Hazare will attend a core committee meeting of Team Anna on Monday to discuss the future strategy of his fight against corruption.
" We will decide the strategy for our fight against corruption, basically how to carry it forward now. We will discuss these issues and there will be two more meetings, after everything is finalized. I would go out again in the entire country and will start another fight against corruption," Hazare told media.

Earlier on February 24, he had threatened to start another movement for the passage of a strong ombudsman bill to combat graft in the country, before the national polls, which are scheduled to take place in 2014.

Hazare has been at loggerheads with the government over the Ombudsman Bill, for which the Gandhian activist went on hunger strikes in April, August and December last year.

Meanwhile, commenting on the exit polls conducted by three major television channels, in which they claimed that the regional Samajwadi Party would emerge as the winner in Uttar Pradesh, Hazare said the decision of the people must be respected.

See, this is a democracy. We have to accept the decision of the public. But, whoever comes has to think about the future of the country," Hazare added.


john gray said...

Anna coming soon at your city so support him .....
actually this fight against corruption is not for his personal but also yours so .....
wake up ... and get together and get fight against corruption (in India) and move towards the happy India .........

john gray said...

anna coming soon at your city so support him and get together for his anti corruption scheme .
this is your fight not only Anna's so support him with good rating of your presents....
and make India corruption-less....
Corruption in India

Meri kalam se said...

अनशन तोड़ दो
विनती करती हूँ श्री अन्ना ,
इतने दिन हो गए अन्न बिना ,
पूरे देश को जोड़ा
टीम अन्ना अनशन तोड़ दो |
सब हैं आपके साथ ,
उठ रहे करोडो हाथ ,
जंतर -मंतर में
तिरंगे की शान में ,
आएगा जनलोकापाल,
अब तो अनशन छोड़ दो |
मन हो रहा अधीर ,अशांत ,
कुछ करो शान्ति ,प्रशांत ,
जलती रहे क्रान्ति की ये मशाल ,
सहयोगी किरण बेदी ,केज़रिवाल ,
एक नया मोड़ दो |
अब तो अनशन तोड़ दो ||
नहीं था कोई दुराग्रह ,
अनशन बने सत्याग्रह ,
ईसा की सलीब न बन जाए ,
स्वच्छ भारत नसीब अपना हो जाए ,
बदरंगी धनुष तोड़ दो|
अब तो अनशन तोड़ दो ||
बहुत पाक है यह रमजान,
बहुत कीमती आपकी जान ,
देश की बेटी ,करे आपसे विनती ,
बस सफलताओं में हो गिनती ,
नया अध्याय जोड़ दो |
टीम अन्ना अनशन तोड़ दो ||
---अंजू मित्तल

Amit Kumar said...

anna ji Please do something for India and FDI we are not agree for FDI....

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