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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Parties wary of ‘declaration against corruption’

Even though the appeal by members of India Against Corruption to sign the vachan patra failed to yield response among political players in the city, the parties are still trying to encash upon the ‘Anna effect’. Some of the parties are bringing to fore ‘crusade against corruption’.

Members of the newly constituted Chandigarh Jan Manch (CJM) insist that the front was constituted after Anna Hazare’s fast. The president of the party, Prof Krishan Chand Ahuja said that their front was started to ensure that the movement of Anna does not fizzle out.

“We did not want that after Anna Hazare’s fast, the movement lags for want of leaders. While Congress was indulging in corruption in the city, the BJP was a mute spectator. The BJP did not raise its voice against corruption. Whether it was the booth allotment scam or the anomalies in the Mayoral elections, no action was taken,” said Ahuja.

CJM will be asking all its members to sign the pledge letters prepared by NGO Awaaz to make Chandigarh a corruption free city. The NGO has sent letters to all political parties urging the members to sign the pledge letter.

The members of the NGO claim that even BJP president Sanjay Tandon has assured that all his candidates will be signing the pledge letter. The candidates will be going to Nehru Park on Saturday for the purpose.

However, the vachan patra that was released by IAC members in the city, has failed to yield much response from the candidates. In fact just one candidate, Sudhir Kumar Dhawan, submitted the document with the nomination papers. If the signee fails to adhere to the clauses, the patra will be considered his/her resignation.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court, on Friday, directed Returning Officer, Election Commissioner, Chandigarh to decide a petition, alleging that a BJP candidate contesting Municipal Corporation elections has forged his caste certificate, within a week. The directions were passed on a petition demanding that BJP candidate Raj Kishore, contesting MC elections from ward 19, should not be allowed to contest MC elections. The petitioner alleged that Kishore has two different caste certificates while taking admission in Bachelors of Law (LLB) course from Punjab.


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