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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hazare watches Tamil film in Chennai

Anna Hazare took some time off to watch a Tamil film, Muthalvar Mahatma, dubbed in Hindi as Welcome Back Gandhi, yesterday when he was to Chennai.  Anna took time to watch the film for apparent reasons.  The film is inspired by the life and ideology of Gandhi and creatively depicts what the Mahatma would do if he were to come alive today and occupy the post of Chief Minister. The film is directed by A. Balakrishnan.

The producer-director had requested Anna to watch the film twice in Pune and once in Delhi.  The anti-corruption crusader, who is in news for the Jan Lokpal movement, seemed to enjoy the movie.  Actor Anupam Kher played the role of the Chief Minister of a model State.

Meanwhile, the buzz in Kollywood is that attempts are being made by a top director to make a political thriller, which will have a character inspired by Anna Hazare.

"The script work is currently on. The movie is about the protagonist's fight against corruption. A character inspired by Anna Hazare is the role model of the hero of the film," sources say.


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