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Monday, 12 December 2011

Anna’s supporters carry out ‘flash mob’ rally

Just two weeks after a stunning performance by a flash mob at CST put a smile on the faces of Mumbaikars, another one caught the city’s attention, but for a more serious cause.

As Anna Hazare began his fast in New Delhi, the India  against Corruption (IAC) team assembled at Shivaji Park to show their support. They had just one goal in mind: to remind Congress to get their act together and pass the much-awaited Lokpal bill. A huge rally marched from Shivaji Park to Azad Maidan, marking the prime spots in the city.

Suddenly, the mood took a lively turn. A group of more than 100 people suddenly broke into a dance, thumping to the song ‘Chale Chalo’ at Shivaji Park.  At once, there was a change in the air, a feeling of patriotism. Everyone and anyone was part of the 1500-strong crowd; from women taxi-drivers to dabbahwallahs to students. A group of bikers were also part of rally, driving in their super-bikes.

The dancers, proudly sporting white Anna caps and waving the Indian flag, danced their hearts out as the spell-bound audience watched. “It was amazing! We were so pleasantly surprised. As I watched them, the performance gave me goosebumps. I wanted to jump in and join them,” said Neharika Singh, a witness.

Behind the scenes

With just five days for practice and more than 100 people to train, the organisers had to think of a faster way to do it. “We contacted Shonan Kothari who was the organiser of the CST flash mob. As she was busy she said she could not help organise the event but said she would help in any other way possible,” said Khushvi Gandhi, 25, an IAC volunteer.

But choreographer Casber was happy to step in. The team organised practice sessions at the three destinations: Andheri, Thane and Dadar. Since many people were unable to attend the rehersals, Casber prepared a tutorial and uploaded it on Youtube.

The dedication of the marchers was unshakable. Dominic Alvas was travelling in an auto when it toppled over at Worli. Alwas suffered mild injuries so he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Irrespective of injuries, he joined the group at Haji Ali and Azad Maidan where they performed again.

At the end of the rally, Mayank Gandhi, a core committee member of IAC, warned the Congress stating that if the Lokpal Bill is not passed, they will campaign against them in the upcoming elections.

“We are not against just one party. We are against any party that uses corrupt means. We are unhappy with the mining fiasco at Karnataka for which BJP is responsible,” said Reuben Mascrehnas, a youth co-ordinator of IAC.


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