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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Anna Hazare's methods are not Gandhian: Tushar Gandhi

NEW DELHI: As Anna Hazare sat on a one-day fast demanding a strong Lokpal, Mahatma Gandhi's great grandson Tushar Gandhi on Sunday attacked the activist saying his methods are "not Gandhian" as they are becoming a "mere ritual".

"His methods are not Gandhian because this is now turning into a mere ritual that every time he lands up in Delhi, he goes to Rajghat. It does not seem to be that the inspiration carry any further than that... because there is talks about beating up and hitting people," he said.

His remarks came as Hazare went to Rajghat and spend around half-an-hour meditating there.

"I would wish that more than the ritual, the understanding (of Gandhian principles) would be there, then the inspiration would be genuine," he said.


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