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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Anna blogs: Pawar has old habit of protecting corrupt

Admitting that he had “committed violence” when he remarked “just one slap” after Sharad Pawar was slapped in Delhi last month, Anna Hazare on Tuesday said it was important to understand why people feel enraged by ministers like Pawar who have an “old habit of protecting corrupt people.”

“For the betterment of the society and the country, I have used strong words many times in the past. ‘Just One Slap?’ — I admit that I committed violence when I said that. But for the betterment of society, I do not consider this violence as wrong,” Hazare posted on his blog titled “Violence cannot replace peaceful protest”.

Hazare added that he had kept a CD of the abuses hurled at him by Pawar’s supporters which he would reveal before the public at an “appropriate time”.

Saying it is incorrect to compare him with Mahatma Gandhi, he wrote: “I have said many times that I consider Mahatma Gandhi as my ideal but sometimes I keep Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also as my ideal...”

Blaming inflation on corruption “only”, he said it was driving people like Harvinder Singh, the man who slapped Pawar. He said the politicians who are enraged by the slap do not feel the same anger when farmers are shot at, lathi-charged and killed or forced to commit suicide.

He said he would start a movement against “Pawar’s ministers” who tried to frame him in a corruption case but were found to be guilty of graft by the Justice Sawant Commission, adding that no action was taken against them.

He also alleged that Padmasingh Patil, “a relative of Sharad Pawarji”, gave a Rs 30 lakh supari to kill him. “Padmasingh Patil was corrupt — this was proved. He gave supari to kill me — this was also proved... Despite the fact that he was so corrupt and Pawar supported him, these politicians still did not get angry,” the social activist wrote.

Back pain: Hazare advised rest

RALEGAN SIDDHI: After he complained of back pain Anna Hazare has been advised to take complete rest for at least four to five days by his doctor. “He suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis. Since yesterday he has been complaining about pack pain. Though it’s not a serious issue, it is necessary that he should take complete rest for at least four-five days,” said Parag Sancheti, his doctor.


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