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Saturday, 12 November 2011

India TV Sting Reveals, Thugs Planning To Attack Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar

New Delhi, Nov 11: India TV on Friday night exposed with the help of hidden cameras miscreants who have planned to attack anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and Team Anna member Medha Patkar when they visit Lucknow and Delhi.

The sting was carried out on the  very same persons who had  bashed up Prashant Bhushan in Delhi and had thrown a chappal at Arvind Kejriwal in Lucknow.

The stings carried out with the help of hidden cameras by India TV reporters in Lucknow and Delhi during the month of October and November showed that these persons having admitted that they were "professionals" who carried out such acts for money.

The "professionals" revealed that they were planning to carry out an attack on Team Anna member Medha Patkar on December 10 in Delhi by hiring a group of women. Medha Patkar was speaking too much about Kashmiriyat, one of the "professionals" said.

Jitendra Pathak, the man who threw a chappal at Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal on Oct 18 in Lucknow's Jhulelal Park, said during the sting operation, that he planned to use a bomb to attack Anna Hazare himself when he would visit Lucknow.

In a Nov 1 meeting at Lucknow's Royal Cafe with India TV reporter posing as an organiser to felicitate him, Jitendra Pathak said he would attack Anna Hazare during the latter's UP visit.

Pathak said: "Anna agar chunaav me aaye, toh maare jayenge....Hum bomb bana sakte hain. Kuch aur logon ki jaan jaaye toh jaaye  (If Anna comes during elections here, he will get killed... We can make a bomb... If some other people die, let them die)

Vishnu Gupta, the man who beat up Prashant Bhushan in the lawyers chambers in Delhi on October 12 over his remarks on Kashmir, told the India TV reporter  on Nov 4 at a coffee house in Sec-18, Noida on Nov 4 that  Medha Patkar was their next target.

"Agla hamlaa Medha Patkar par hoga.  Kuch mahilayen taiyar ki hai.... Kyonki woh mahila hain, nahin toh case lag jayega ki mahila par haath uthaya" (Medha Patkar is our next target. ..We have prepared some women...Since she is a woman, we can be hauled up for beating a woman).

Inder Verma, another man who took part in beating up Prashant Bhushan, told India TV reporter  at Nirula's Connaught Place, Delhi, on Oct 24  also confimed that their next targets were Medha Patkar and Anna Hazare.

Arun Upadhyay, a friend of Inder Verma, accompanying him during the sting said that they were given laptop and cellphone by a senior Shiv Sena leader after they bashed up Prashant Bhushan.

Arun Upadhyay said; "Abhi Balasaheb (Shiv Sena supremo) ne hamen Matoshree bulaya hai. Sanjay Raut (Shiv Sena MP) hamare mitra hain. Balasaheb ko Anna aur unki team se pareshani hai."  (Balasaheb has invited us to Matoshree for a meeting. Sanjay raut is our friend. Balasaheb has problems with Anna and his team)

Tejinderpal Singh Bagga, the third man who took part in bashing up Prashatn Bhushan, met India TV undercover reporters in his house in Vishnu Garden, Tilak Nagar, Delhi.

Bagga said, he had two persons - Medha Patkar and social activist Sandip Pandey - as his targets. He admitted he was in BJP one and a half years back.

Bagga said, VHP leader Acharya Dharmendra and several other leaders rang him up and thanked him for bashing up Prashant Bhushan.  "Khush toh saare hain, lekin saare yahi chahte hain ki hamaaari jaan na phans jaaye" (All of them are happy, but they also want their names should not be involved)

Bagga revealed how he had planned to gather nearly 50 persons to bash up Prashatn Bhushan on October 1 itself, but it was called off at the last moment.


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