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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Core committee will be revamped, says Anna

New Delhi: After the controversy over whether his core committee will be revamped or not, Anna Hazare has said his core team will be expanded and the members will be screened before being inducted.

Team Anna is all set to induct more members after another round of consultation with his close aides Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhuhan. The 76-year-old social worker has decided to have a 50 member strong core committee, drawing members from all sections of the society.

"The members will be screened before being inducted. People with good track record will be taken in the committee," Hazare said.

Hazare also said the core committee members will be bound by a code of conduct which will be finalised by the month-end. He said there will be a strict monitoring system for the members.

The decision to expand the core committee comes in the wake of allegations that Hazare's movement is being controlled by a select few and the team was losing its focus with key members bickering in public.

Sticking to his previous stand, anti-corruption crusader Hazare on Sunday said that the investigating agency CBI should not be brought under government.

Hazare also said if the Lokpal bill is not passed in the Winter Session of Parliament he will start the anti-graft campaign again.

However, the Congress is not committing itself to any dead line. The left is also pushing for a strong bill in the Winter Session.

Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, "We can't set deadlines on Parliamentary process."

The Parliamentary standing committee scrutinising the Lokpal Bill is to finalise its report by December 7. With the session ending on December 21 the government may find it difficult to get it passed in such a short span after the standing committee report is tabled in Parliament.


Dr. Yunus Shaikh said...

Good decision Anna........


Anna we are with you in ANNAhilation of Corruption in Bharat.
Jai Hind!
I m Anna

jignesh said...

well i want to ask anna now as he is going every time in delhi and most highly named places, why isnt he coming to mumbai and see the small areas where more corruption is going on, from road hawkers till shopkeepers, every day here in mulund where is stay i see lot of bribe been taken and given, what about that, who is going to stop this and none i say again none of the supporters u say india is supporting anna, i dont think none of those indians care to fight when they see in front of themselves, and how can corruption be cleared u say, bill passed or not passed, will all this small hawaldars and bmc workers stop humiliating poor people, every day electricity power is been theft, to all those road stalls and all who is looking into that what is the meaning for this in lokpal

jignesh said...

there is many more to say, here kirit somaiya won in 1998 and now he is not been seen here from long time he also got delhi place and just sitting there, what good work did bjp or shiv send did, now mns also coming out every where dadagiri is becoming popular, every small town in mumbai, what about those persons or political partys, u say dont vote to congress well what if bjp and shive sena or mns also do the same, will u or ur team which also includes corrupt person will be fighting or after these elcetion u all will hide somewhere

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