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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Anna Hazare's letter to PM unnecessary: Congress

Congress today dubbed as "unnecessary" Anna Hazare's recent letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Lokpal issue and said the party wants passage of the crucial bill in the Winter Session of Parliament itself.

"Anna unnecessarily wrote the letter to Prime Minister when there is already a clear-cut commitment by Congress and Government that Lokpal bill will be introduced in Parliament in the Winter session itself," party spokesperson Rashid Alvi said.

Asked whether he is saying that the Lokpal bill will be passed by Parliament in this session, Alvi said it was not for a political party to announce the time for passage of a legislation in Parliament.

However, he hastened to add, "Hopefully the bill will be passed in the winter session. We want the bill to be passed in this session itself."

The Congress spokesperson also dismissed suggestions on whether the Government was capitulating to Hazare's demands by unveiling plans to set up a Citizen's Charter and bring the Right to Grievance Redress Bill 2011 in the winter session of Parliament a day after Hazare's letter.

"There is no question of that at all. Government is not going to yield under any pressure. The letter written by Hazare was unncessary as Government had already committed to introdce the Lokpal bill in winter session," Alvi said.

The Congress spokesperson said the demands for right to recall and reject thought need a thorough discussion appear meaningless in a country where 40 percent of voters donot cast their franchise and the need of the hour now is first get voters to the booth.

Alvi made light of questions about differences within Team Anna, saying he does know who are the members of Team Anna, who is in their committee and who has gone out.


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