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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

RSS cadre took part in Anna movement as patriots: Bhagwat

LUCKNOW: Snubbing Congress leaders for trying to sabotage Team Anna's anti-corruption movement, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday said that RSS had no intensions to take credit of Anna Hazare's movement against corruption.

"RSS volunteers took part in the movement as patriot citizens of India," he clarified, while addressing the meeting of RSS national working committee meet in Gorakhpur. He said that the RSS would support anybody and everybody who fought against the corruption.

Bhagwat's statement assumes importance in the light of the remarks made by Arvind Kejariwal, a member of Team Anna,on Saturday, while responding to allegations of Congress leader that the anti-graft movement of Anna was being sponsored by the RSS. In fact, the war of words between Team Anna and Congress leaders started when Bhagwat in his speech at a RSS meeting on Dussehra said that RSS volunteers had worked for the success of Anna's movement.

In response, Team Anna had said that the RSS should not take credit of Anna's movement. "Anna's campaign was supported by the citizens of the country irrespective of their ideological affiliations," Kejariwal had said. However, Digvijay Singh grabbed the opportunity to attack Anna by quoting from Bhagwat's speech.

Bhagwat on Sunday set the record straight by clarifying the RSS' position and criticizing Congress leaders for trying to sabotage anti-graft movement. "There is no question of stealing anyone's credit as the RSS has always been against corruption and would continue to lend support for any such movement. We would be supporting any movement that is aimed at ending corruption. That's why we have extended our unequivocal support to Anna's movement as well. That doesn't mean we want to take credit for it," he said. Further, he pointed out that the RSS had in its previous national working committee meeting passed an anti-corruption resolution. Bhagwat said that he stated the same thing which Team Anna has been saying - "Every patriot Indian supports Anna's Janlokpal movement."

The RSS meet in Gorahpur is also important for 2012 UP assembly elections.

The RSS is trying to strength its base and expand itself in rural and urban areas, particularly among youth, to help BJP in the forthcoming elections. Bhagwat also said that the education system today focused on "making career", ie, "making money" but it does not provide moral guidance as to how money should be earned. This, he said, is a major reason for corruption assuming monstrous proportion in the country. He said that India needed value-based education which could stresses on nation and character-building.


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