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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hazare urges people to boycott elections

RALEGAN SIDDHI (MAHARASHTRA): Activist Anna Hazare said on Wednesday that he will urge people in the five poll-bound states not to cast their votes if the government does not pass the Jan Lokpal bill in the winter session of Parliament.

"I will be issuing an appeal to the people not to cast their vote for the forthcoming legislative assembly elections to be held in five states, along with Uttar Pradesh, if the government does not pass the Jan Lokpal bill in Parliament's winter session," Hazare posted on his blog.

He stated that 64 years have passed since India achieved freedom and that since then, the Congress has been in power for most of the time.

"After attaining independence, our country should have transformed into 'Surajya' (welfare state in true sense). Nothing of that sort happened," he said.

Hazare added that corruption has crossed all limits and not even 10 paise of the one rupee spent on development reach the common man.

He said it is necessary that parliament passes strict anti-corruption laws.

"Unfortunately, the ruling Congress party did not take any initiative. The present laws are not implemented effectively or they do not wish to do so. This became clear when Jan Lokpal bill was not passed earlier. That is the reason I resorted to protest and later fasting and now I am forced to take a stand on elections," he said.


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