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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Citizens call for boycott of autorickshaws tomorrow

MUMBAI: The Mumbai Autorickshaw Commuter Association (MACA) is keeping its fingers crossed as it expecting hundreds of citizens to participate in its campaign to boycott autos this Sunday.

"We are protesting against errant drivers as well as the strong arm tactics of the auto unions. to go on indefinite strike from November 9.

You can't hold the city to ransom every time. It's high time citizens protest by boycotting autos once every month," said Parmeshwar K R, founder of MACA.

Parmeshwar added that citizens who boycott autos on Sunday should send their feedback to or on these mobile numbers: 9892720473, 9221014973. "We expect a good response as several passengers are fed up with rigged meters, rude behaviour of drivers, refusals and the flash strikes recently," he said.

MACA has even created a Facebook page.

A spokesperson from MACA said, "We will go the Gandhian way-Anna Hazare way. We are not against anybody. We are apolitical and are here for solutions. We want to send a message across to those in the auto trade."

Auto unions, however, felt it was not the correct way to protest. "If there are problems with our drivers, one can register complaints with the RTO and get the drivers punished or their licences suspended. By boycotting autos, you will only cause losses to poor drivers who live a hand-to-mouth existence in Mumbai," said a union leader. He added that every union has the right to protest and take up issues of the working class. "We are fighting for their welfare and MACA should not be objecting to this,'' he stated.

Said Mayur Hegde, a commuter, "Despite the RTO cracking the whip recently, errant drivers are back on the road.

A few weeks back, the RTO had cracked a whip and the faulty meters were replaced overnight. But the rigged meters are now back in almost every auto and we are being robbed again."

Parmeshwar said that the days fixed for each month will differ and the boycott will be increased to "two days a month" if the drivers continue to be arrogant and dishonest.


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