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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Choose words carefully, Congress to Anna Hazare

NEW DELHI: Stating that the word 'gang' does not go with the culture of this country, Congress  Party on Wednesday said veteran social activist Anna Hazare  should first have a look at the current infighting between his team members before accusing the government.

"We respect Annaji and we did not expect him to use such language . Everybody has got a right to fight for his or her views, but people of the country will not like it if it is fought beyond decorum. Use of the word 'gang' does not go with the culture of this country. People will not like it," said Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi . "Neither the government or my party is interfering in whatever infighting, that is going on between the civil society members.

They are accusing each other. If there are charges against Kejrwal, it has been done by Agnivesh. We did not ask Bedi to accept huge amount of money. Annaji should comment only after seeing all this," he added. Hazare had on Monday hit out against a 'gang of four' in the UPA, which he said was opposed to the Jan Lokpal Bill.


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