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Monday, 17 October 2011

Brand Anna fails to light up cracker market

RANCHI: Anna Hazare is everywhere, from television channels to firecracker boxes!

This Diwali, Anna Hazare crackers are in huge demand. But for Diwali revellers in the city, these crackers are yet to arrive in Ranchi. Anuj, a college student, said, "My friends and I are great fans of Anna Hazare. We are waiting for these crackers to arrive in the city so that we can buy them."

Owner of a cracker shop Raman Jha said, "People are demanding Anna Hazare crackers but they are not yet available. Dhoni brand crackers are also in great demand. We have three kinds of chocolate bombs in Team India captain M S Dhoni's name, Dhoni Senior, Dhoni Junior and Dhoni Special. These crackers are a big hit with youngsters."

Various cracker gift boxes are also available in the market ranging from Rs 360 to Rs 3,570. Ram Kishore, a shop owner, said, "We have gift boxes in the name of Innova, Fortuner, Discover, Pulsar and Platina. They are in great demand."

Rakesh Verma, a businessman, said, "I will be visiting my relatives this Diwali and gift them cracker boxes. Children will be very happy to see them."

Manoj Kumar, a teacher, said, "I will not buy crackers this year. As it is, there's so much pollution in the city and crackers will be adding to the smog. If people abstain from bursting crackers, they can keep a check on pollution and everybody, including animals, can sleep in peace."


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