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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sweeping powers will make Lokpal a terror group

Somnath: Ramvilas Paswan-led LJP on Staurday said sweeping and overarching powers to the Lokpal as demanded by Anna Hazare and his team will make the proposed institution a "terrorist organisation" and lead to chaos.

"If the so-called elite people, who are associated with the Jan Lokpal movement, properly analyse this proposed system, then they will realise that this organisation (the institution of Lokpal) would become a new terror outfit in the country," LJP secretary general Abdul Khaliq said here.

He was addressing the LJP's three-day cadre training session where he presented his party's assessment of the draft of the Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by Team Anna.

"The Lokpal proposed by Anna Hazare will lead to chaos and complete collapse of the government. I visualise straight war between the officials of Lokpal and government departments as both would be running after each other," Khaliq said.

Comparing the existing anti-corruption mechanism in the government with the one proposed by Team Anna, he said it would be a herculean task to monitor everyone starting from the lowest level of the government.

"Jan Lokpal has proposed a board of 11 members and one anti corruption officer overseeing every 200 government employees. There are 40 lakh government employees, while the PSUs employ 26 lakh people. According to Anna's bill, 30,000 officials will be hired to monitor 60 lakh people," he said.


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