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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Swami Agnivesh pleads to Anna Hazare for forgiveness

Activist Swami Agnivesh, who fell out with Anna Hazare's team during the agitation over Lokpal Bill, Tuesday sought forgiveness from the Gandhian and the others "who felt hurt" through his "unintentional acts".

"I am turning 73 tomorrow. The Jain Samaj is celebrating forgiveness week. I seek forgiveness from those who I unintentionally hurt," Agnivesh said on the eve of his birthday.

"If anybody has felt that I hurt them, please forgive me. Incidentally, my birthday also comes on the same day when International Day of Peace is observed," he said.

He said his appeal is specifically to Hazare, the anti-corruption movement and Arya Samaj organisations.

Agnivesh, once a close associate of Hazare, was in the eye of a storm after a video purportedly showed him talking to a minister asking him to take strong action against the Gandhian for not withdrawing his fast over the Janlokpal Bill despite an appeal from Parliament.


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