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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kangana Ranaut desires Anna Hazare!

MUMBAI: "I desire Anna Hazare!" Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut surprised her host Simi Garewal with this candid admission on the show India's Most Desirable.

Apparently when Kangana was asked by Simi who she thinks has redefined their status to become a symbol of desirability? She replied, "Well desirable has its own definition you know. If I have to give you a really honest answer you know and that that might just put you off, you would say you're crazy, I want to name a person, you're going to slap me on my face. I desire Anna Hazare."

On being asked how she feels about having a sense of fashion, Kangana said, "Honestly I still don't know I'm that fashionable. May be people around me just dress up bad! You know trust me, when I came to Mumbai, now today I have money I can buy the biggest brands, now it will be very sad if I dress up bad, but when I came new I hardly had money and I would just pick up anything and wear it and I would be written about. Every where. Oh we like this girl, she is so fashionable and all that. So that was a surprise for me. But sometimes I cannot understand why people dress up, it's amazing you know, they dress up so bad! Even the richest people, they wear the most expensive clothes and they dress up bad. So I've come to this conclusion that people around me dress up bad."


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