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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

India Against Corruption takes up Mumbai potholes issue

Mumbai: After grabbing headlines for organising a successful protest along with Anna Hazare in favour of the Jan Lokpal Bill, India Against Corruption (IAC) is now entering another battleground. They have decided to take up the perpetual problem of potholes on Mumbai roads.

Harrowed Mumbaikars have been questioning the issue of corruption in the city's road contracts. Taking a cue from citizens' frustration, India Against Corruption has now taken up the issue of potholes and has been filing RTIs to seek why repairs are not prompt.

"We have 12 zones in Mumbai, each zone will identify bad roads in the area and file RTIs on when was the contract given and to whom it was given," said Mayank Gandhi of IAC.

The RTIs seek to obtain details on road construction, repairs, grant of contracts and punitive measures adopted against errant contractors. IAC also plans to collect samples of roads to be sent to labs within and outside the state to verify whether the constructed roads meet quality specifications.

Crores have been spent this year on potholes and the matter has even been discussed in the state assembly, but the civic authority has shown helplessness stating nothing can be done before the rains stop.
Meanwhile Mumbaikars continue to brave the bumpy ride to work.


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