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Sunday, 21 August 2011

What makes Anna Hazare foolproof against his long fast?

New Delhi: Anna Hazare’s fast demanding a strong Lokpal entered the sixth day on Sunday. However, there is no sign of deterioration in his health condition so far. Anna is fine, said his doctors, who are regularly examining his body during the fast.

Experts believe that Anna can continue his fast smoothly for 15 more days, thanks to his disciplined life and fat stored in his body.

According to Dr KK Aggrawal, Anna Hazare practices yoga-meditation regularly that helps him stay fit, even after long days of fast. He has done similar fasts for around 15 times. Medically, he can continue his fast smoothly as long as fat level in his body does not decrease below seven per cent, he said. Generally, male body constitutes of 25 per cent fat while female body contains 30 per cent fat.

Anna Hazare says that whole-hearted support of the youth fuels his protest and gives him the energy to continue the fast. Medical experts said on Anna’s revelation that it’s a result of “Chimpanzee-effect”. If a Chimpanzee is made the head of his family, he gets a morale boost naturally. Same applies to Anna, with around 10,000 supporters in front of him, said doctors. On the fourth day of his fast, 74-year-old Anna ran along with his supporters to show that he was in perfect shape of his health.

A youth who smoked four packets of cigarette in a week and enjoyed four pegs of rum, Anna’s lifestyle changed after he got inspiration by Vivekanad’s life and personality. He said no to his extravaganza, cigarette and alcohol and found a dramatic change in his life. Daily yoga practice of two hours brought simplicity in his life and an element of control over his senses, said Dr Aggrawal.

Human body has two systems that work on it—Sympathetic and Para-sympathetic. Yoga transcends human body to para-sympathetic level where calorie-demand of the body decreases and energy level increases.

Anna’s body is fit than Baba Ramdev’s as fat level in Anna’s body is more, said Dr Aggrawal. Needless to mention, Baba Ramdev’s health condition deteriorated in just four days of his fast despite his claim that he could continue his fast for a month, he added.

Meanwhile, there was no indication of support for Hazare fizzling out with time as the sixth consecutive day of the Gandhian's protest continues.

More and more people started coming to the protest site in the morning as they raised slogans supporting the Gandhian in his fight against corruption.


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