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Monday, 22 August 2011

SRK lends his support to Anna Hazare

Super star Shah Rukh Khan may have been in Kerela while the Anna Hazare, anti-corruption movement started full throttle, but the actor obviously has his own take on the matter. While addressing a press conference in Kollam, Shah Rukh expressed solidarity towards the cause but at the same time refrained from passing any comments about its implementation.

"We all support the cause and I think there should be no corruption in the country. Which one amongst us sitting here wants to be corrupt? None of thinks we should be corrupt. But having said that I think this whole issue is becoming so large and so big and there are so many aspects of it that we need to look at it seriously, quietly, step-backedly. We just can't keep saying we support anti-corruption," Shah Rukh was quoted as saying.

He continued in the same breath, "All of us want to support anti-corruption. It's the worst kind of stigma that one can have for the country. Yes it has brought the issue to the forefront, fantastic. Anti-corruption is the want of the day and the desire of every Indian, from little children to the elderly citizens But I think as an intelligent section of the society, we have to think about the implementation of it." He added, "What are the constitutional aspects of it, what is the parliamentarian process along with the practicality? Unless we do that, we just keep talking about it, we just keep doing agitations. We should think how to take the best out of it so that it does not die out. The cause is fantastic, but to comment on its legislation and implementation is beyond my scope." Well, talk about king-sized support!


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