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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pass the bill in Parliament or go: Anna to govt

New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Sunday slammed the government saying that it betrayed him at every step. He also said that the government had no other option but to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill or leave, making his intentions clear.

"The government has betrayed me at every step. Now, they have only one option - either pass the Jan Lokpal Bill or go," he said while addressing his supporters at Ramlila Maidan.

Anna said his version of the Lokpal Bill was made with five others taking people's opinion into consideration. He added that he warned the government about staging protests with regard to the bill, but they government did not pay attention.

"The government is not serious about fighting corruption. I warned them of protests, but they did not listen to me. That is why I have taken up this protest and will continue till the Jan Lokpal Bill is not passed," Anna said.
He said that going to jail was not a curse but a blessing for him, adding that if he had a blot on his character, like some people say, then his crusade would have been crushed long back.

"I have no blot on my character, if I had one these people would have crushed me long back ," said Anna.

He also said that if the bill were not passed by August 30, then he will carry out such a protest that the nation will remember it for a long time.

Anna said, "If Jan Lokpal is not passed by Augu
st 30, we will do a big protest which everyone will remember."

Anna's close aid, Arvind Kejriwal also joined him by saying that the government has looted the tax payer's money and they should be answerable for this.

Every Indian, be it poor, pays taxes. It's our money and these people have looted our money. They should be answerable," Kejriwal said.


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