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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Not just Anna!

His topi has already become a fashion statement of sorts and it's not just IT professionals, house-wives and students Anna Hazare is inspiring. The anti-corruption icon has a new follower. Singer-actor, Adnan Sami says he wants both India and Pakistan to unite in fighting challenges of terrorism and corruption.

Adnan Sami has planned to join a non-political organization as the All India Secretary-General. "So far I was busy with my work. But I recently met Anna for four hours on the sets of a private channel and was very inspired. He is so clear in his goal in making a change in society and at his age, he is a crusader not for himself but for us and our children! His thoughts and comments on how each one of us can do our bit to create a better India and be a better human being left me in deep thought. I felt I should also do something," said Sami.

Sami added, "It would be an honor for me to be of any service that works for the cause of anti-terrorism. of terrorism and corruption. Anna Hazare has emerged as a leader who has given hope to the lost leadership. It is only when leaders come up in both countries that things will change and relationships will improve. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gilani, is a friend. So I thought why not start this initiative in Pakistan as well."

One of his dreams now is to end the chasm between the two neighboring countries. "There is a gap between both the nations. I want to end that. I will meet the Pakistani PM and ask him to take an initiative in trying to improve ties with India," explained Sami.


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