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Sunday, 21 August 2011

'Hazare wave' in students union elections in Rajasthan

JAIPUR: It was an 'Anna Hazare wave' in students unions elections in Rajasthan University which threw up quite a few surprises with independent candidates who highlighted the issue of corruption coming out victorious.

Riding on support for Hazare's anti-graft plank, Prabha Chaudhary, an NSUI rebel, created history by becoming the first woman president of Rajathan University Students' Union (RUSU) and credits the Gandhian for her victory.

"We made corruption an issue and highlighted how the students politics is affected by this... Voters gave their mandate against corruption and the credit goes to Anna Hazare's drive," said Chaudhary, who had formed a Third Front.

It was clear that Hazare's movement had a strong impact on the university polls with several independent candidates who highlighted the issue of corruption in student politics being elected.

Two woman candidates of a 'Third Front' were elected to top posts of president and vice-president of students unions in University of Rajasthan while another independent candidate became president of students' union in MLS University in Udaipur last night.

Abha Singh, an ABVP rebel who was elected to the VP' post, said that the "anti-corruption environment" was one of the key factors behind their success.

Chaudhary, an LLB final year student, claimed that she was a victim of corruption that plagued ticket distribution and so highlighted the issue.

"Anna Hazare's determination gave us strength to stand against corruption and we formed a third front only few days back and worked hard to win students' confidence," she said, adding that her emphasis will be on taking steps for ensuring security to girls in and around the campus.

NSUI and ABVP functionaries refuted the charges of corruption in ticket distribution.

Besides three independent candidates, three of NSUI and four of ABVP have been elected as presidents of students' unions of different universites in the state.


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